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Farmer criteria for selection of sweetpotato varieties

In Tanzania, despite its importance in food systems there has been little expansion in the aggregate acreage of sweetpotato over several years. The poor uptake of some new varieties in the past has underlined the importance of incorporating the preferences of growers and consumers into the breeding process. This chapter describes surveys conducted in Tanzania to determine the farmer criteria for preferred sweetpotato varieties. The opinions of farmers on available varieties indicate that there is considerable room for improvement.

Authors: Regina Kapinga, Simon Jeremiah, E.J Rwiza, Debbie Rees, Regina Kapinga, Simon Jeremiah, E.J Rwiza, Debbie Rees

Contributors: Administrator, Administrator

Subjects: Breeding

Pages: {

Publisher: Natural Resources Institute

Publication Date: 2003

Keywords: Breeding, Sweetpotato, Tanzania


Kapinga, R.E., Jeremiah, S.C., Rwiza, E.J. and Rees, D. 2003. Farmer criteria for selection of sweet potato varieties. In: Rees, D., van Oirschot, Q., Kapinga, R. (eds) Sweetpotato post-harvest assessment: experiences from East Africa, Natural Resources Institute, Chatham, UK, ISBN: 0 85954 548 2, pp. 9-21.