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SPHI Brief 38: Strengthening Institutional Systems for Scaling up OFSP for Improved Nutrition and Food Security in Tigray and SNNPR, Ethiopia

From July 2017 to June 2018, a total of 8.45 million orange-fleshed sweetpotato (OFSP) cuttings (1,317,500 in Tigray and 7,131,220 in Southern Nations Nationalities and People Region (SNNPR)) were distributed. These directly reached 19,758 households (HHs): 5,348 HHs in Tigray and 14,410 HHs in SNNPR. In addition, continuous advocacy efforts by the International Potato Center (CIP) and partners in Ethiopia, led to the recently launched National Nutrition-Sensitive Agriculture (NSA) strategy of the Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources (MoANR) that recognizes OFSP as one of the bio-fortified crops for addressing malnutrition in Ethiopia.