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SPHI Brief 2016: Better Potato for a Better Life: Reducing Food Insecurity and Dependence on Cereals in Amhara Oromia, Tigray and SNNP regions of Ethiopia

This brief outlines the work done to achieve the goal of enhanced rural incomes, food security and nutrition in four regions of Ethiopia through resilient and profitable potato and swetpotato value chains. It describes the progress made between June 2015 and July 20156in implementing activities that are geared towards increasing access to quality disease-free seed, increasing productivity and revenue, and dietary diversity. 

Authors: Shawkat Begum, Thomas Miethbauer, Abiyot Aragaw, Gebremedhin Woldegiorgis, Shawkat Begum, Thomas Miethbauer, Abiyot Aragaw, Gebremedhin Woldegiorgis

Pages: 2

Publication Date: 2016

Keywords: Dietary diversity, Ethiopia, Food security, Vine dissemination