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SPHI Brief 21: Feed the Future Rwanda: Orange-fleshed Sweetpotato (OFSP) for Income and Nutrition Activity

Significant investment in Rwanda’s agricultural sector has played an important role in the rapid and sustained economic growth which the nation has witnessed in recent years. This growth has benefited millions of smallholder farmers and contributed to the steadily declining poverty rate throughout the country. Despite these advances, however, the incidence of poverty remains stubbornly high. This is especially true of rural areas, where 24.1% of the population – classified as “ultra-poor” – still struggle to meet basic needs. Moreover, malnutrition remains widespread and it is estimated that 39% of children under the age of five are deficient in vitamin A and about 38% are stunted or chronically malnourished. Therefore, a comprehensive response is thus required to address rural poverty and malnutrition challenges.