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Starch Content and Properties of 106 Sweetpotato Clones from the World Germplasm Collection Held at CIP, Peru

There is significant cultivar difference in the content and properties of sweetpotato starch, which suggests that genetic improvement of these traits may be achieved. The objectives of this study were to evaluate the variability of starch content and properties (amylose content and pasting properties) in advanced sweetpotato clones selected from the gene bank held at CIP; estimate the most relevant correlation between the evaluated variables; identify clones with potential for incorporation into CIP’s breeding programs for starch production and use; and provide recommendations for future evaluation and use of the sweetpotato gene bank.

Authors: C. Brabet, D. Reynoso, D. Dufour , C. Mestres, J. Arredondo, G. Scott, C. Brabet, D. Reynoso, D. Dufour , C. Mestres, J. Arredondo, G. Scott

Contributors: Karen Ayabei, Karen Ayabei

Pages: 8

Publication Date: 1998

Keywords: Amylose content, Gene bank, Pasting properties, Starch content


Brabet, C., Reynoso, D., Dufour, D., Mestres, C., Arredondo, J. and Scott, G., 2013. Starch content and properties of 106 sweetpotato clones from the world germplasm collection held at CIP, Peru.In Impact on a Changing World. International Potato Center. Program Report 1997-1998, edited by International Potato Center. Lima: International Potato Center.