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Introduction to the Summary on the Sweetpotato Support Platform and Sweetpotato Planning Meeting, Abuja, Nigeria, January 2012

The fourth meeting of the Sweetpotato Support Platform for West Africa (SSP-WA) was held in Abuja, Nigeria in conjunction with a planning meeting of Nigerian cooperators preparing a proposal for submission to the Ministry of Agriculture’s transformation program.  The meeting was also held in collaboration with the Reaching Agents of Change (RAC) project, and with the able support and assistance of that project’s staff.  This was the first meeting of the SSP held outside of Ghana and thus was a positive step since it allowed the SSP-WA to express its role as a regional body.  The meeting offered a number of Ghanaian participants and a larger number of Nigerian participants to opportunity to interact, and share experiences, plans and perspectives.  This summary contains the program, names of participants at the meeting, and finally the rapporteur’s notes.