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Sweet potato seed systems training manual for farmers

This manual was developed by putting together a comprehensive reference technical tool for training trainers of trainers (TOTS), trainers and trainees. Although a lot of technical relative information has been published, there is a need to filter out for applicability to western Kenya. The information provided in this publication will be essential for enabling the trainers’ expertise and extensionist promoter and promoter farmer during their trainings. However, the manual contains a brief account on sweet potato importance both as a food and nutritional security crop. The contributions from different stakeholders including the end-users provided relevant and feasible ideas which will contribute to improvement of entire sweet potato production process.

Authors: Nabiswa, G.N, Wesonga, MacDonald, Nabiswa, G.N, Wesonga, MacDonald

Contributors: Administrator, Administrator

Subjects: Crop Management

Pages: 45

Publisher: International Potato Center

Publication Date: December2009

Keywords: Nutritional security, Western Kenya


Nabiswa, G.N. and Wesonga, MacDonald. 2009. Sweet potato seed systems training manual for farmers. International Potato Center (CIP).