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Sweetpotato Community Recipe Book – Ethiopia

This community recipe book, written in English and Amharic, was developed through the support of Irish Aid. It has content about sweetpotato facts and figures, Processing and Utilization and sweetpotato recipes for injera,sweetpotato bread, sweetpotato kocho, sweetpotato donuts, sweetpotato rich cake, sweetpotato dabo kolo, sweetpotato stew, sweetpotato alecha stew, sweetpotato and rice, sweetpotato with haricot beans, sweetpotato lentil stew, sweetpotato chickpea stew, sweetpotato chips, sauteed sweetpotato leaves, boiled sweetpotato, sweetpotato salad, mashed sweetpotato, sweetpotato ganfo(porridge) and sweetpotato mandazi.

Authors: Mariama Fofanah, Frezer Asfaw

Subjects: Sweetpotato recipes

Pages: 30

Publication Date: September 01, 2015

Rights: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

Keywords: Ethiopia, Recipes, Sweetpotato


Fofanah, Mariama & Asfaw, Frezer, 2015. Sweetpotato Community Recipe Book. International Potato Center.