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Sweetpotato in South Asia: Post-harvest handling, Processing, Storage and Use

This publication contains workshop proceedings on analytical trends in post-harvest handling, storage, and utilization of sweetpotato (SP). SP has considerable importance at farm level, as untapped potential for food, feed and industrial uses. Achieving this potential calls for better understanding of consumer needs including production pattern, current storage, processing and utilization practices. Therefore, the workshop objectives include reviews on existing practices in post-harvest handling, storage, marketing, processing, and sweetpotato utilization in south Asia, to document research results for future work planning, and make recommendations for improved technologies on storage, handling and sweetpotato utilization. Among featured south Asia countries are Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri-Lanka.

Authors: T.R. Dayal, Gregory Scott, G.T. Kurup, C. Balagopalan, T.R. Dayal, Gregory Scott, G.T. Kurup, C. Balagopalan

Contributors: Karen Ayabei, Karen Ayabei

Subjects: Post-harvest handling; Harvesting; Storage; Sweetpotato processing and utilization

Pages: 146

Publisher: International Potato Center, Central Tuber Crops Research Insititute

Publication Date: 1997

Keywords: Asia, Harvesting, Post-harvest handling, Processing, Root storage, Sweetpotato utilization


Dayal, T.R., Scott, G.J., Kurup, G.T. and Balagopan, C. 1995. Sweetpotato in South Asia: Postharvest handling, storage, processing, and use, rev. ed. Lima, Peru: International Potato Center (CIP).