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Sweetpotato: Major Pests, Diseases and Nutritional Disorders

This field guide presents information on common pests, diseases and nutritional disorders of sweetpotato. It is intended primarily as a tool for correct identification of these problems and ailments as an essential first step in their control. The principal entries in the guide are accompanied by photographs or illustrations, and pinpoint where specific problems occur. Additional information is provided on symptoms and recommended control practices, with emphasis on integrated crop management.

Authors: T. Ames, Nicole Smit, Braun, A.R., L.G. Skoglund, T. Ames, Nicole Smit, Braun, A.R., L.G. Skoglund

Subjects: Sweetpotato pests and diseases

Pages: 84

Publisher: CIP

Publication Date: 1996

Keywords: Bacterial diseases, Diseases, nutritional disorders, pests, Sweetpotato viruses


Ames, T., Smit, N.E.J.M., Braun, A.R., O’Sullivan, J.N. and Skoglun, L.G. 1996. Sweetpotato: Major Pests, Diseases, and Nutritional Disorders. International Potato Center (CIP). ISBN 92-9060-187-6. Lima, Peru.