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Sweetpotato post-harvest assessment: experiences from East Africa

This is summary of earlier research work on post-harvest aspects of sweetpotato. The main focus is primarily towards agricultural scientists and breeders working on sweetpotato worldwide and narrowing to East Africa.

Authors: Debbie Rees, Q. van Oirschot, Regina Kapinga, Debbie Rees, Q. van Oirschot, Regina Kapinga

Contributors: Jens Riis-Jacobsen, Jens Riis-Jacobsen

Subjects: Post-harvest assessment


Publisher: Natural Resources Institute, University of Greenwich

Publication Date: 2003

Rights: Permission for commercial reproduction should be sought from the Managing Editor University of Greenwich

Keywords: East Africa, Post-harvest handling, Tanzania


Rees, D., van Oirschot, Q. and Kapinga, R. (eds) (2003). sweetpotato post-harvest assessment: Experiences from Tanzania. Chatham, UK: Natural Resources Institute.