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Sweetpotato (Ipomoea batatas (L.) Lam.) is an important food crop in eastern and central Africa. The crop is particularly important in the densely populated countries in the Lake Victoria zone particularly Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi, where it plays more prominent and diversified roles in the food system. In Uganda, sweetpotato plays distinct roles of a predominant staple as well as a complementary staple food crop that is consumed throughout the year by farmers and low-income consumers. Sweetpotato is also a complementary staple in Rwanda and Uganda. The crop plays a primary role of famine reserve staple in Kenya, Tanzania and Democratic Republic of Congo.

Authors: C. OWORI, Berga Lemaga, Robert Mwanga, A. NAMUTEBI, Regina Kapinga

Contributors: Administrator

Subjects: Nutrition



Publication Date: 2007

Identifier: ISBN 9970-895-10-3

Keywords: OFSP Recipes, Recipe book, Recipes, Sweetpotato, sweetpotato recipe book


C. Owori, Berga Lemaga, R.O.M. Mwanga, A.Namutebi, and R. Kapinga, 2007 Sweetpotato Recipe Book : Sweetpotato Processed Products from Eastern and Central Africa Kampala- Uganda 93pp.