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Sweetpotato Processing and Recipes – Uganda

Although sweetpotato is mainly consumed as fresh boiled roots, in some parts of East Africa it is traditionally processed into dried chips and/or flour to preserve the roots for household food security and to a lesser extent for sale in rural markets and of late to flour millers in urban centres. This document is about methods of sweetpotato processing and recipes.

Participants of the sweetpotato Integrated Production and Pest Management (IPPM) Farmer Field Schools (FFS) asked for a guide on sweetpotato processing and recipes that would help them remember what they had learnt in the FFS and support their continued learning. This draft guide was field tested and improved by the participants of 37 sweetpotato FFS run during the 2005/2006 season in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. It has content about sweetpotato processing, sweetpotato as animal feed and sweetpotato recipes for porridge, crisps, Mshenye, mandazi, relish, sweetpotato soya chapati, doughnuts, crackies, onion bites, strips, buns, chips, bread, jam, cake, biscuits, pie, juice, flours and soap.

Authors: Tanya Stathers, Max Olupot, Sam Namanda, Regina Kapinga, Godrick Khisa, Thomas Julianus, Dennis Ndamugoba, Richard Gibson, Robert Mwanga

Contributors: Margaret McEwan

Subjects: Recipes

Pages: 13

Publication Date: April 13, 2006

Keywords: Processing, Recipes