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Sweetpotato sexual seed management

This is a section sourced from the ‘Sweetpotato Germplasm management’ training manual-propagation and conservation. The section gives descriptions and importance of steps followed to perform sweetpotato sexual seed management. As the key objective is to maintain viability of sexual seed stocks, the appropriate management of the sexual seed of the sweetpotato and related wild species includes the elimination of impurities, their disinfection, the seed number determination, their drying for storage, their packaging and storing, and their germinability tests. Upon successful accomplishment of aforementioned steps, it concludes by describing seed multiplication which should occur when seed number or germinability is under minimum levels.

Authors: Zosimo Huaman, Humberto Asmat, Zosimo Huaman, Humberto Asmat

Contributors: Administrator, Administrator

Subjects: Breeding

Pages: 7

Publisher: International Potato Center

Publication Date: 1999

Keywords: GenBank, Germplasm management, Sexual Seed Stock


Huamán, Z. and Asmat, H. Sweetpotato sexual seed management.