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The “Stage Selection Gain 1to3”

Readme for SSG1to3 program

The “Stage Selection Gain 1to3” (SSG1to3) in R (SSG1to3_R) or SAS (SSG1to3_SAS) is a simple program to determine the response to selection in standardized units (R) after 1-stage selection with up to three seasons of testing, 2-stage selection with two seasons of testing, and 3-stage selection with three seasons of testing.

The required input SSG1to3_R and SSG1to3_SAS is identical and comprising a vector of 17 numbers; note in SSG1to3_R these numbers must be separated by a “,”


Authors: Bert De Boeck

Contributors: Federico Diaz, Raul Eyzaguirre, Wolfgang Gruneberg

Subjects: Breeding Selection

Pages: 1

Publication Date: January 22, 2020

Keywords: Breeding, R Script