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SASHA Brief 01. The sweetpotato breeding community of practice: Breeding in Africa for Africa (2009-2019).

• A vibrant community of practice
consisting of sweetpotato breeders
from 16 African countries has been
strengthened during the past 10 years,
adopting modern breeding methods and
releasing user-preferred varieties having
an impact on health and wealth.
• Since 2009, sweetpotato breeders in 16
countries have released 143 varieties, with
93 having orange-flesh color, indicative
of beta-carotene content, which the body
turns into vitamin A.
• Sixteen varieties were released in
more than one country, having broad
adaptation and user acceptance.
• Of the released varieties since 2009, 112
were bred by 12 African programs, and 19
were superior African landrace selections.