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Topic 9: Technical Description of Sweetpotato Seed Classes

In this topic, members are asked to share their ideas, especially understanding of technical description of the sweetpotato seed classes and experiences on this from their work. As the seed system is progressing towards commercialization with countries coming up with definitions of the different generations of seed and quality standards, it is important for scientists to have clarity on the technical definitions and terminologies. The moderator notes that despite differences across countries, they could establish common scientific explanation for the different generations of sweetpotato seed. Issues for discussion include: meaning of breeder, pre-basic, basic and other seed classes; whether breeder seed that has been maintained in field conditions for a long period (e.g. 10 years) can still be the original material? Since breeder seed is the source of all the subsequent classes of seed, it is important to set standards for its maintenance, multiplication, originality test and other variables. Need to have science-based way of setting production standards, e.g. for setting the optimum number of generations before it goes to root producers, issues on physiological vigor (whether it matters and how to track it through generations of multiplications). The topic attracted 20 contributions, from 10 respondents, majority being CIP scientists. The lead discussant was Mihiretu Cherinet from CIP Ethiopia. This summary highlights the key points, areas of consensus, disagreement, and ideas suggested that members could consider to try in their work to further learning and inform development /practice in sweetpotato seed system.