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Topic (10 a): Effect of Rationing on Vine and Root Production

The topic on rationing had featured in other discussion topics for example “definitions of classes of seed and harmonization of terminologies”, and another on “how to estimate the multiplication rate”. In this discussion round, the aim was to share experiences across countries on the effect of rationing first on vine production mainly in screenhouse, but also in net tunnel, in field and whether there is an optimum number of roots that can be recommended, effect on root production, specifically does rationing have an effect on growth in the field, resistance to pests & diseases, earliness, root yield (number and size of roots) and on root quality (dry matter, beta-carotene and shelf-life).  The lead discussant was SOME Koussao from INERA in Burkina Faso. The discussion drew 23 contributions from 16 respondents, and brought experiences from 9 countries. Majority of the contributions were by CIP scientists. This summary highlights the key points, any areas of consensus or disagreement, and any suggested ideas, which members could consider in their work.