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Topic 10(b): How to Determine the Multiplication Rate of Sweetpotato?

The topic “How to determine multiplication rate of sweetpotato” was proposed at a CoP meeting, and intended to solve the persistent problem of insufficient planting materials at time of planting. The multiplication rate determines the time needed to obtain a specified amount as well as the quality of planting materials. The multiplication rate is related to the multiplication. In determining the multiplication ratio, various issues come to mind: the effects of vigor indices on the ratio, vine length and number of nodes. While for the multiplication rate, questions such as nutrient combination needed to enhance growth in readiness for pruning; plant vigor, age of the sweetpotato at pruning and the physiological state of the planting material.  The experience of members on these issues was expected to shade more light on how to determine the multiplication rate. The topic ran for 14 days and attracted 8 contributions from 7 unique respondents. Jude Njoku from NRCRI in Nigeria was the lead discussant. This summary highlights the key points, any areas of consensus or disagreement, and any ideas suggested members could consider to try/test in their work to further learning and inform development /practice in sweetpotato seed system.