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Topic 6: Good Ideas Deserve to be Shared – and Look What New Information Comes Out!

This topic, “Good Ideas Deserve to be Shared” was an opportunity for a CoP member from private sector to share his experiences in scaling out the net tunnel technology into schools, and working with farmer associations to evaluate sweetpotato varieties for root quality targeting potential export markets, and to brand roadside kiosk with messages about OFSP planting materials/roots and use as selling points.  From the starter tissue culture materials, he obtained from CIP, he has multiplied and disseminated to over 88 schools, which have established gardens and over 500,000 mini G1 cutting accessed by farmers for further multiplications. He shared photos that illustrate this work. At the same time, he sought advice from the COP members on the variety evaluations. The topic and its objectives stimulated responses from the community, some enquired about varieties that were in demand and the specific target markets (e.g. Europe, Israel or domestic urban), while other members gave advice on how to manage agronomic practices (spacing and ridge) to obtain more uniform root shape and size. The topic ran for 6 days, and realized 22 contributions from 14 unique respondents (See Table 1 for participation statistics). This summary highlights the key points, any areas of consensus, disagreement, and any ideas suggested that members could consider to try/test in their work to further learning and inform development /practice in sweetpotato seed system.