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Training Manual on Marketing and Product Development for Extension Workers

Marketing is not about selling only, it involves various issues. If someone is going to market his product, planning begins before production. It involves determining what the customer wants and developing that product as well as delivering it to a place where the customer will reach or see in order to purchase it. Furthermore, it involves determining a price for the product that is profitable and attractive, informing the customer about the product and identifying people who will be involved in the transactions during sale of the product.

The marketing mix used to be the 4P’s; that is; Product, Price, Place, Promotion, however, it was turned to 5P’s by adding People (those who buy and those who sell the product) these are the 5 Pillars which anyone involved in marketing any product should have in mind when planning. The 5 pillars of sweet potatoes that we should consider are given below:

  1. Product (Orange fleshed sweet potatoes)
  2. Place (home or market)
  3. Price (how much to sell)
  4. Promotion (how to draw attention or create interest in the product)
  5. People (Market chain actors, that is farmers, traders, processors and consumers)


Nsubuga, H. (2007). Training manual on marketing and product development for traders and processors. HarvestPlus, Ugangda, pp 1-13.