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Presentation 18: Transformation of OFSP vines to Pottage: The case of SchoolFeeding in Osun State, Nigeria

The adoption of orange-fleshed sweetpotato (OFSP) in Osun state, Nigeria is reported to have transformed thousands of households. This presentation reports mainly about the school feeding programs in Nigeria. This program was perceived as an outlet for creating demand for OFSP. The main outcomes include increased acceptability of OFSP pottage, Vitamin A knowledge, and popularization and awareness of OFSP in the state. In conclusion, some challenges faced are weak root supply chains, vine multipliers low capacity to meet the root demand and problem of quality control of the meal among the cooks.


Phorbee, O., Lotade, J., Adesanmi, A., Oketayo, A., Njoku, J., Low, J., Abdin, E. and Carey, E. 2016. Transformation of OFSP vines to Pottage: The case of School Feeding in Osun State, Nigeria. Presentation made at the 2016 Marketing, Processing and Utilization Cop Meeting in Tanzania.