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Transport Receipt and Propagation of In Vitro Sweetpotato Plantlets

Tissue culture materials consist of small aseptic plantlets growing on a synthetic nutrient medium. The aseptic nature of this material makes it an ideal method for international exchange of germplasm as it minimizes the risk of transmitting fungal and bacterial diseases. This document contains information for the recipient of in vitro plantlets on the handling procedures to be followed for further micropropagation or transfer to non-sterile growing conditions.

Authors: J.H. Dodds, A. Panta, J.E. Bryan, J.H. Dodds, A. Panta, J.E. Bryan

Subjects: Transport of in vitro sweetpotato plantlets

Pages: 19

Publisher: CIP

Publication Date: 1991

Keywords: In vitro micropropagation, Tissue culture, Transfer of in vitro plantlets


Dodds, J.H., Panta, A. and Bryan, J.E., 1991. Transport, receipt, and propagation of in vitro sweet potato plantlets. CIP Research Guide (Peru).