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Using quantitative tools to measure gender differences within value chains

This last chapter of the book by Lucia Madrigal and Maximo Torero, covers the use of quantitative tools to measure gender differences within value chains. The chapter begins by begging the question, why is qualitative analysis needed and what can it do? It then analyses the quantitative tools to help understand the role of gender in value chains, implementation of these tools through (1) a questionnaire module applied partially or in full; (2) a do-file with additional information on the tool and an explanation of how to construct the indicator; and (3) an Excel file with a table and/or graph produced from the results and data collection and sampling.  

Authors: Lucia Madrigal , Maximo Torero, Lucia Madrigal , Maximo Torero

Subjects: Gender differences within value chains

Pages: 24

Publisher: International Food Policy Research Institute

Publication Date: 2016

Identifier: ISBN: 9780896292130

Keywords: gender differences, quantitative tools, value chains


Devaux, André, Maximo Torero, Jason Donovan, and Douglas E. Horton, eds. Innovation for inclusive value-chain development: Successes and challenges. Intl Food Policy Res Inst, 2016.