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Virus and Phytoplasma Diseases

Sweetpotatoes are vegetatively propagated from vines, root slips (sprouts) or tubers, and farmers often take vines for propagation from their own fields year after year. Thus, if virus diseases are present in the field they will inevitably be transmitted with the propagation material to the newly planted field, resulting in a marked decrease in yields. This chapter outlines the effect of viruses on yield

Authors: G. Loebenstein, G. Thottappilly, J. Cohens, Segundo Fuentes, G. Loebenstein, G. Thottappilly, J. Cohens, Segundo Fuentes

Subjects: Sweetpotato diseases pests and diseases

Pages: 30

Publisher: Springer Netherlands

Publication Date: 2009

Rights: Springer Netherlands

Keywords: Sweetpotato diseases, Sweetpotato viruses, Virus characterization


Loebenstein, G., Thottappilly, G., Fuentes, S. and Cohen, J., 2009. Virus and phytoplasma diseases. In The sweetpotato (pp. 105-134). Springer Netherlands. ISBN: 978-1-4020-9475-0.