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Viruses and virus-like diseases of sweetpotato

This article by Moyer and Salazar, outlines the viruses and virus like diseases affecting sweetpotato crop. Due to renewed interest of the  international agricultural community in sweetpotato, there is need for development of improved varieties. These varieties are needed for germplasm maintenance, commercial production and research purposes. From field observations and assays, virus symptoms and presence of one or more viruses in all sweetpotato even those grown from non-infected material have been witnessed. This means that necessary precautions must be taken to prevent the inadvertent distribution of viruses through germplasm.

Authors: J. Moyer, Luis Salazar, J. Moyer, Luis Salazar

Contributors: Administrator, Administrator

Pages: 7

Publisher: International Potato Center

Publication Date: 1990

Rights: Open access

Keywords: Germplasm management, Sweetpotato viruses


Moyer, J. and Salazar, L.F. 1990. Viruses and virus-like diseases of sweetpotato. In: International Potato center (CIP). Control of virus and virus-like diseases of potato and sweetpotato. Report of the 3rd planning conference held 20-22 Nov. 1989 in Lima, Peru. International Potato center (CIP), Lima, Peru. P. 13-19.