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The Vitamin A Sweet Potato Project is a research project that will mainly be involved in the dissemination of the vitamin A- rich orange fleshed sweet potato to farm households through extension systems of NGOs. Activities will mainly involve engaging farmers in the production of the potatoes and working with caregivers to promote the consumption of the potato. This will mainly involve training and support supervision at various stages of implementation.


To increase consumption of the potatoes, mothers and other caregivers need to appreciate the added advantage of the vitamin A sweetpotato compared to other sweetpotatoes and to know how to prepare suitable dishes for the infants and young children. In addition, the caregivers need to learn the basic storage and processing practices that conserve vitamin A in the sweetpotato. During the life of the project the caregivers will be trained in various modules to enable them acquire the knowledge and skill. This training will be done by nutrition promoters and extension workers.


This manual has been developed for the extension workers that will be involved in training nutrition promoters in various aspects of nutrition, child feeding and nutrition care for the sick child. It is a guide that takes the trainer through the different aspects with suggestions of training methods and activities that can be employed to help them pass on the knowledge and skill. It contains the basic guide and facilitation notes that the trainer can use for further reading and clarification. This manual is not a “blueprint”, there is provision for input from the extension workers who will be using it.