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In vitro multiplication of sweetpotato – OP59

This technique is based on the principle that appropriate culture conditions induce the growth of a pre-existent bud, resulting in a new in vitro plantlet. The nutritional and hormonal conditions of the medium break the bud dormancy and promote its rapid growth. Callus formation, followed by plant regeneration, must be avoided because they can affect the genetic integrity of the clone. Following the protocol indicated below, after 4-5 weeks of sweetpotato in vitro culture, plantlets may be sub-cultured or transferred to soil in greenhouse.

Authors: International Potato Center, International Potato Center

Contributors: Margaret McEwan, Margaret McEwan

Subjects: In vitro micropropagation

Pages: 3

Publisher: International Potato Center (CIP)

Publication Date: 2010

Keywords: In vitro micropropagation, Tissue culture