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Enhancing sweetpotato production through development of virus resistant varieties in Kenya

Project Complete

Key Project Information

  Specific objectives

  • To determine current sweetpotato production practises and constraints
  • To develop genetic variation to address biotic and abiotic sweetpotato production constraints
  • To evaluate sweetpotato cultivars for their yield performance in 3 agro-ecological zones with varying characteristics and soil conditions
  • To determine and promote agronomic technologies for enhanced production of sweetpotato in Kenya
  • To demonstrate and promote the benefits of using appropriate clean sweetpotato seed  


Team Members: 

  1. Benjamin Kivuva (PI) (Sweetpotato breeder)
  2. Ruth Amata (Pathologist)
  3. Peter Owenga (Soil scientist)
  4. Francis Musembi (Socio-economist)
  5. Edward Mare (Soil Scientist) Violet
  6. Momanyi (Weed scientist)
Start date July 01, 2012
End date June 30, 2015
Lead organization Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization
Region East Africa
Countries Kenya
Type of project Research
Financing Sources Korean Project on International Agriculture
Funding Amount (USD) $100,000
Members Benjamin Kivuva


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