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Mobilizing Radio and ICTs to Fight Vitamin A Deficiency by Scaling-up the Production and Consumption of Orange Fleshed Sweetpotato

Project Complete

Vitamin A deficiency is a widespread health challenge in subSaharan Africa. Approximately 250,000 to 500,000 malnourished children in the developing world go blind each year from a deficiency of Vitamin A.

This three-year project aimed to add OFSP to at least 500,000 rural households’ diets through Participatory Radio Campaigns (PRCs) designed to increase the knowledge, skills and commitment of small-scale farmers with respect to OFSP production and consumption.

This project took place in 4 countries between 2012 – 2015: Burkina Faso, Ghana, Uganda and Tanzania.


Sheila Rao: (Project Manager)
Kevin Perkins: (Executive Director, Farm Radio International)
Ottawa, Canada

Key Project Information

This project took place in 4 countries between 2012 – 2015 and worked with 15 radio stations, NGOs, nutrition specialists and national research specialists to develop radio programs focused on OFSP. The programs covered three main topic; production, consumption and nutritional knowledge. The project took place in Burkina Faso, Ghana, Uganda and Tanzania. Results from the project showed that radio programs helped to increase knowledge of OFSP (from baseline to endless).

Start date October 01, 2012
End date December 31, 2015
Lead organization Farm Radio International
Collaborating organizations Crops Research Institute (CRI) Ghana Tanzanian Home Economics Association ( TAHEA) Harvest Plus (Uganda)
Region West Africa, East Africa
Countries UGANDA: Central region ( Mukono, Nasaka, rakai, Gomba, Mityana districts) Northern region (Olam, Kole districts) TANZANIA: Mwanza (Mwansongi, Kimbili, Nsola, Mataya), Central Region ( Singida) GHANA: Upper-East Region (Komenda district) Central Region (Keasea Akana, Volta (Akatsi North and South, Ketu North, and Ketu South) Northern (Tamale Metro, Sanerigu, Tolon, Kunbungu, Savelugu Nanton) BURKINA FASO: Koudougou( Lâ Goundi, Secteur 10); Orodara (Sokourab, Djigouéra, Pendié-Badara); Solenzo (Santié (Mollé), Yasso, Badinga)
Type of project Development / Dissemination and Research
Financing Sources Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Members Sheila Rao, JOSE MARIO CARDENAS, Wangoru Kihara


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