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Promoting OFSP through interactive radio programming

Project Complete

HarvestPlus in Uganda wants to reach farming households in three regions and create demand for OFSP throughout the country through their Developing and Delivering Biofortified Crops initiative. They need messaging to be consistent, locally relevant and to raise awareness of and create demand for OFSP.

The goal was to increase the overall adoption of OFSP in targeted region in all four countries. The following has been done:

  • Using serialized radio mini-drama to contribute to increasing knowledge and consumption of OFSP in Uganda
  • Using inclusive, demand driven radio and communication strategies to support knowledge sharing and adoption of OFSP

This work was a multi-country initiative that covers Ghana, Burkina Faso, Uganda and Tanzania. Participatory radio campaigns focused on three main areas: Production (vine and tubers); consumption and nutritional knowledge.

Key Project Information

To help HarvestPlus reach farming households with appropriate and consistent messaging, FRI led the development of an entertaining and educative radio mini-drama series, in close collaboration with HarvestPlus Uganda, and supported with SMS polling (TRAC FM).  350,000 households in 13 districts were targeted for access to a radio mini-series that promotes production and consumption of OFSP, and that contributes to increased knowledge of OFSP nutrition among listeners. The intervention also expected to increase knowledge about the preparation and consumption of OFSP. The target was to ensure that seven radio stations in Uganda promote OFSP through radio mini-drama and complementary radio spots.  

My Children:

This radio play was implemented by FRI, H+ and TRAC FM. Audience research was done through Focus Group Discussions (FGDs). Broadcasters were trained on OFSP, radio craft and use of ICTs. The next step was participatory drama design, scriptwriting, translation and audio production. During broadcast, SMS polling was done by TRAC FM. Monitoring of the outcomes was one together with HarvestPlus and partners in community groups.   My children was made up of 30 episodes, each 2-4 minutes long which are repeated. Each episode focuses on one key message or piece of information regarding production and nutritional aspects of OFSP. Listeners participated through free SMS polls and quizzes at the end of each episode. Listeners can call and listen to previous episodes for 55 UGX/minute.   The plot: My Children is a story about love, domestic strife, money, power, and OFSP. Florence, the heroine of the series, struggles to grow enough nutritious food to feed her family, and knows that her children are not as healthy as they could be. She reluctantly decides to give OFSP a try. But first she has to stop her money-obsessed husband from selling the family farming plot to fund a foolish “business idea.”  


Project leader: Keith Perkins

Start date
End date
Lead organization Farm Radio International
Region Sub-Saharan Africa
Countries Burkina Faso, Ghana, Uganda, Tanzania
Type of project Development / Dissemination
Financing Sources Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Funding Amount (USD) $1,600,000
Members Gregory Hofknecht, Maureen Mwangangi


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