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Building Nutritious Food Baskets Pro Vitamin A Module Slides

The PVA Module slides are meant to enable trainers to be able to:

  • Explain how biofortified provitamin A maize can address
    vitamin A deficiency among poor populations
  • Describe the process used to develop new PVA Maize varieties
  • Outline a strategy for promoting PVA maize to farmers, consumers and partner organizations
  • Describe how PVA maize can be integrated into a
    healthy diet
  • Summarize key studies demonstrating the effectiveness of PVA maize for addressing vitamin A deficiency

Building Nutritious Food Baskets ToT Slides for all modules

This powerpoint presentation is designed to:

  • Outline the contents of the training module(s) and explain the overall structure of the presentation
  • Prepare in advance to facilitate a training session and modify presentation materials for your specific audience
  • Apply basic presentation best practices when speaking with PowerPoint slides
  • Demonstrate how to facilitate the different type of interactive sessions and summarize the instructional purpose/value of each type of activity