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This manual provides a “how‐to” guide to what is needed to set‐up and manage a small sandponic unit. Diagrams and instructions are presented on how to set up the sandponics system in a screenhouse. The components of the optimized nutrient media for multiplying pre‐basic sweetpotato vines under a sandponics system are presented. Key research findings showing that the vine multiplication rate (VMR) using the sandponics system increased by 21.8% compared with the conventional soil substrate multiplication method and that the cost of producing a 3‐node cutting was lower by USD 0.027 in the sandponics system. Moreover, storage root yields were 23.8% higher using the sandponics system sourced planting materials compared with materials sourced from the conventional soil substrate method.

Guidance is provided on how to manage the pre‐basic seed production process. The rationale is that the sandponics system is a better viable alternative technology for a sweetpotato pre‐basic seed business enterprise.

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