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UNBURIED TREASURE: Breeding better sweet potatoes for the world

NC State rescued the sweet potato industry in North Carolina and helped it grow into a global powerhouse. Now the university is leading an effort to breed sweet potatoes that could provide economic opportunities and better nutrition for people in several African countries.

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Introducing the Vitamin A sweetpotato – Drama Skit II

  This play script demonstrates local farmers’ livelihood transformation by adopting orange fleshed sweetpotato (OFSP) farming. It is evident that extensions services can aid avert common mistakes resulting from farmer practices and lower production. For instance, mixing clean planting material with diseased one cause cross contamination. It concludes by showing …

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Introducing the Vitamin A sweetpotato

  This is a play script creating and/ or promoting vitamin A rich sweetpotato. It highlights that Vitamin A gives immunity boost, fetal growth, healthy skin, and improves vision. This attributes fit well with all ages in a community. It concludes with creating strong desire for local farmers to practice …

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