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Assessment of sweetpotato cultivars for suitability for different forms of processing

Assessing sweetpotato cultivars for suitability for different forms of processing including cooking quality, crisp production, dried chip processing, and flour processing.   ISBN: 0 85954 548 2 Source:   culcul

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Extending root shelf-life during marketing by cultivar selection

  This chapter discuss methods and factors to consider to prolong root shelf-life during marketing. The first observation is that different sweetpotato cultivars have varied susceptibility to water loss which dictates the differences in shelf-life. Among main forms of sweetpotato deterioration are water loss and rotting. Water loss is consistent …

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Trader and consumer criteria for selection of sweetpotato varieties

This section gives descriptions of methods by which the Tanzania breeding programme obtained necessary information to decide main selection criteria for new cultivars and also reports on main study findings. As a conclusion, limited information exists in Tanzania on the preferences of consumers and traders. However, the methods described here …

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Improving long-term storage under tropical conditions: role of cultivar selection

  This is a book chapter demonstrating study on appropriate methods for long term storage in tropical conditions using different cultivars. From studies conducted, different cultivars show significant susceptibility to pathogens responsible for rotting. Induction of anti-fungal chemicals and differences in respiration rate are cited as contributors to speedy deterioration …

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Sweetpotato Viruses

Sweetpotato (SP) (Ipomoea batatas (L) Lam) is a dicotyledonous perennial root tuber plant belonging to Convolvulaceae family. Ipomoea is one genus among 55 Convolvulaceae genera. Most of it’s 500 species are ploidy ranging 2x to 6x with SP possessing both 4x and 6x. SP has economic significance with global production …

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Virus and Phytoplasma Diseases

Sweetpotatoes are vegetatively propagated from vines, root slips (sprouts) or tubers, and farmers often take vines for propagation from their own fields year after year. Thus, if virus diseases are present in the field they will inevitably be transmitted with the propagation material to the newly planted field, resulting in …

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