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Damage to storage roots by insect pests

Damage to sweetpotato storage roots by insect pests, even when it occurs before harvest, can be considered a post-harvest problem. It reduces both the nutritional and economic value of the storage roots thus reducing the shelf life. This chapter describes the insect pests that damage these storage roots. Additionally, two …

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Damage is inevitable during handling and marketing of sweetpotato and is exacerbated by practices such as over-packing sacks. Most plant tissues have mechanisms for healing wounds. This is exploited to improve storability of root crops after harvest by ‘curing’, where they are placed in an environment to promote healing of …

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Farmer criteria for selection of sweetpotato varieties

In Tanzania, despite its importance in food systems there has been little expansion in the aggregate acreage of sweetpotato over several years. The poor uptake of some new varieties in the past has underlined the importance of incorporating the preferences of growers and consumers into the breeding process. This chapter …

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