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Major diseases and pests of sweetpotato in Eastern Africa

This publication is meant to be used as a field guide so that researchers, extensionists, and farmers growing sweetpotato throughout Eastern and Central Africa can identify common diseases and pests. Though not comprehensive it is based on authors experiences in those regions as well as surveys conducted in Kenya. In …
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Handbook on Sweetpotato Integrated Crop Management Research Outputs and Programs for East Africa-1995-2006

Sweetpotato productivity is limited by both abiotic and biotic constraints, leading to poor yields at farm level. They include low soil fertility and draught, shortage of improved varieties, shortage of planting materials, pests and diseases particularly viruses, post-harvest problems such as storages, and market availability and demand as well as …
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Evaluation of sweetpotato genotypes for drought resistance

Drought resistance

In this publication, we see that drought is a major environmental constraint to potato production in warm and hot tropics and for sweetpotato in the traditional cultivation areas. The problem of drought stress can be alleviated by manipulating cultural and management practices and by using adapted genotypes with drought resistance. …
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