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Enhancing the lives of 10 million African families in 10 years

The need to reposition sweetpotato in African food economies bore the sweetpotato for profits and health initiative (SPHI). SPHI seeks to reduce child malnutrition and improve smallholder incomes through the effective production and expanded use of sweetpotato. Additionally aims to build consumer awareness of sweetpotato nutritional benefits, diversify its use, …

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Weevil resistant sweetpotato through biotechnology

With the aim of “feeding the people, not the weevils” this project is combining conventional breeding and biotechnology to combat the pernicious and devastating consequences of sweetpotato weevil. Results to date include the identification of three insecticidal proteins and the introduction of putative resistance genes into sweetpotato varieties. The resistance …

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Sweetpotato Breeding Under the Sweetpotato for Profit and Health Initiative

Sweetpotato is playing an increasingly important role in African agriculture, combating food insecurity and undernourishment, particularly vitamin A deficiency. The Sweetpotato for Profit and Health Initiative (SPHI) aims to reposition sweetpotato in African food economies, and improve the lives of 10 million families by 2020. SPHI works through diverse research …

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Facts and figures about sweetpotato

This brief gives an overview of some facts about the importance of sweetpotato (SP) worldwide. Briefly, it defines SP and origin shows global ranking and already known and anticipated significance in communities.

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CIP's Genebank the Future of Potato and Sweetpotato. Home of the largest In vitro genebank in the world

The genetic resources maintained by CIP represent the heritage of many nations and the labor of countless farmers, plant explorers, and geneticists. The collections were made possible through the contributions of individuals and communities from scores of different countries. The material in CIP’s diverse germplasm collection is used in various …

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