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SWEETPOTATO VINES (PLANTING MATERIAL) AS A BUSINESS IN AFRICA: Commercializing seed systems in Uganda and Tanzania

In the many parts of Africa that have a long dry season, farmers complete the main harvest of sweetpotato roots by the early part of the dry season. This harvest and desiccation during the remaining part of the season destroy the foliage of these crops, so those that supply vines …
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Impact Evaluation in Practice

This book offers an accessible introduction to the topic of impact evaluation and its practice in development. While the book is geared principally towards development practitioners and policymakers designing prospective impact evaluations, we trust that it will be a valuable resource for students and others interested in using impact evaluation. …
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Household Dietary Diversity Score (HDDS) for Measurement of Household Food Access: Indicator Guide

In light of the need to build consensus on household food access impact indicators, two strategic objective level indicators of household food access – HDDS and months of inadequate household food provisioning (MIHFP) – were identified during the development of USAID Office of Food for Peace (FFP)’s FY05-08 strategy, through …
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How to Use the HKI Food Frequency Method to Assess Community Risk of Vitamin A Deficiency

The standard tool used to assess vitamin A deficiency include clinical exams, biochemical tests and dietary methods. Clinical and biochemical surveys are costly and can be logistically difficult to undertake. Likewise, may dietary methods require personnel with formal training in nutrition. The HKI Food Frequency method is designed to make …
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Minimum Dietary Diversity for Women – A Guide to Measurement

The Minimum Dietary Diversity for WRA (MDD-W) indicator defined and described in this document is a food group diversity indicator that has been shown to reflect one key dimension of diet quality: micronutrient adequacy, summarised across 11 micronutrients (Martin-Prével et al., 2015). The indicator constitutes an important step towards filling the need for …
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Making Sweet Potato Chips and Flour

Sweet potato is a popular food in many parts of Eastern Africa. It is drought resistant, hardy and can grow in marginal areas, thus contributing to improved food security. The young leaves and vines can be consumed as vegetables or fed to livestock. The orange-fleshed sweet potato variety has high …
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