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Protecting Sweetpotato Planting Materials from Viruses using Insect Proof Net Tunnels

since 2009, CIP and its partners have been researching the development and use of net tunnels to increase accessibility to high quality seed in Ethiopia, Kenya, Mozambique, Nigeria, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda. This guide helps in constructing and using net tunnels for quality seed production.

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Module 3: Yield Estimation Using Crop Cuts

Many programs or projects have as one of their key goals to improve agricultural productivity. To do so, it is critical to be able to monitor yields of the crops(s) of interest. Estimation of crop yields in farmer fields has been a major topic of discussion. While knowing the productivity …

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Module 6: Dietary Diversity Score

Poor households, women of reproductive age, and young children living in resource-poor settings are at high risk of inadequate micronutrient intakes when diets lack diversity. Diets of the poor are dominated by staple foods, which often supply 60-70% of their calories, but fail to provide adequate quantities of micronutrients essential …

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Module 7: Frequency of Consumption of Vitamin A Rich Foods

Micronutrient malnutrition, the lack of vitamin A in particular, is one of the major public health problems in less developed countries. It can lead to blindness and death in children under five years of age. Globally, an estimated 250 million preschool children are vitamin A deficient, of which about 250,000 …

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Gendarização da Planificação, Implementação, Monitoria e Avaliação do Projecto da Batata Doce de Polpa Alaranjada volume 5

O Volume 5 deste kit para aprendizagem é composto da Sessão 14 e Anexos 1 e 2. Sessão 14. Avaliação final das sessões dos Volumes 1, 2, 3, 4 e Abordagem do Plano de Acção do Participante (APAP) Esta sessão orienta o usuário sobre como avaliar o workshop inteiro (isto …

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