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UNBURIED TREASURE: Breeding better sweet potatoes for the world

NC State rescued the sweet potato industry in North Carolina and helped it grow into a global powerhouse. Now the university is leading an effort to breed sweet potatoes that could provide economic opportunities and better nutrition for people in several African countries.

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African farmers in the digital Age; Overcoming Isolation, Speeding up change, and Taking success to Scale

Farming is one of mankind’s oldest endeavors, and digital technology is one of its newest. In this publication, different contributors are showcasing how much good can come from the collaboration that is integrating food system that links all players in the agricultural economy.

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A reality TV show with real impacts on farms

A newsletter article produced by Climate Change Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS)on climate smart approaches featured on Shamba Shape-Up – a TV documentary series targeting small scale farmers. The article highlights some climate adaptation strategies, beneficiaries and the impact the Shamba Shape-Up programme in East Africa. Download

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Radio spot message

This article contains promotional information for small-scale farmer through local media channels. The main message is the availability of Vitamin A rich sweetpotato with more economic importance over other usual crops.

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