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One Million Hectares: World-wide Varietal Change in Potatoes and the Contribution of the International Potato Center

Development and availability of appropriate varieties and crop technologies are critical if we are to meet rising food security needs, including an increased potato demand at affordable prices for the poor. The study shows that CIP-related varieties are making a significant contribution in some of the poorer countries, especially in …

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Summary of progress on orange-fleshed sweetpotato research and development in Ethiopia

Summery Progress on OFSP

Vitamin A deficiency (VAD) remains an important public health problem in developing countries like Ethiopia. Orange fleshed sweetpotato varieties have high contents of β-carotenoid and potentially can reduce the effects of vitamin A deficiency. To this effect, vitamin A for Africa (VITAA) was initiated. A planning work shop on “Combating …

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Sweetpotato Improvement

The International Potato Center’s investment in sweetpotato improvement and virus control resulted in the release of approximately 21 improved sweetpotato varieties. The aim is to improve human health and income generation through the development and adoption of these new sweetpotato varieties with enhanced postharvest characteristics, and the application of virus cleaning techniques for production of …

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SASHA Brief 10 – 2010: Breeding in Africa for Africa

Traditionally, sweetpotato breeding programs have taken a long time, 7 to 8 years, to produce a new variety. Frequently those new varieties do not suit the various geographic areas and the preferences of diverse farmers and consumers within a country. This flyer explains the work done by the Sweetpotato Action for Security …

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SASHA Brief 11 – 2010: Developing sustainable seed systems

This brief is a brief presentation of the work that the SASHA project is undertaking to  develop sustainable sweetpotato seed systems in sub-Saharan Africa. Much of this work is devoted to developing and testing strategies to ensure effective multiplication, dissemination, and exchange of disease-free planting material (vines) of improved varieties. …

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One million hectares world wide Varietal change in potatoes and the contribution of the International Potato Center

This brief highlights how over a million hectares world wide are planted with potato varieties and the contribution of International Potato Center. Over 1 million hectares are planted worldwide with potato varieties bred by or obtained through CIP. According to a 2007 survey of 23 countries in Asia, Africa and Latin …

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