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Sweetpotato Community Recipe Book – Ethiopia

This community recipe book, written in English and Amharic, was developed through the support of Irish Aid. It has content about sweetpotato facts and figures, Processing and Utilization and sweetpotato recipes for injera,sweetpotato bread, sweetpotato kocho, sweetpotato donuts, sweetpotato rich cake, sweetpotato dabo kolo, sweetpotato stew, sweetpotato alecha stew, sweetpotato …

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Steamed Cupcake from Purple, Orange and White-fleshed Sweetpotato: A recipe from Indonesia

Sweetpotato is a healthy food crop. In Indonesia, a variety of popular local foods is prepared from sweetpotato. Some Indonesians can even generate incomes out of this variety of local foods prepared from sweetpotato. There is good market for this. My former class-mate at Bogor Agriculture University has sent me …

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Sweetpotato Processing and Recipes – Uganda

Although sweetpotato is mainly consumed as fresh boiled roots, in some parts of East Africa it is traditionally processed into dried chips and/or flour to preserve the roots for household food security and to a lesser extent for sale in rural markets and of late to flour millers in urban …

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