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Final Technical Report R6617 (1999): Identification, characterization and epidemiological studies of the whitefly-borne component of sweet potato virus disease and Molecular characterization of cassava brown streak virus

This report covers two projects, one on sweet potato viruses and one on cassava brown streak disease. They were linked through both being whitefly-transmitted viruses of root crops. The sweet potato virus disease (SPVD) project identified the whitefly-borne component of this disease in East Africa to be a serologically and …

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Extending control of sweet potato diseases in East Africa; Final technical report

The crop protection programme has disseminated information on the control of sweet potato virus disease (SPVD) and SPVD-resistant varieties in both Kagera and Kigoma Regions in northwest Tanzania, largely through maintained and expanded links with other actors in development. It has also developed additional leaflets as part of this activity, …

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Causes and control of virus diseases of sweetpotato in developing countries: is sweetpotato virus disease the main problem

This a progress report documenting the causes and control of virus diseases of sweetpotato in developing countries. Further, it reports on efforts sought to determine if sweetpotato virus disease is the main problem.

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Improving the livelihoods of small-scale sweetpotato farmers in Central Uganda through a crop post harvest-based innovation system

The sweetpotato coalition project focused on improving the livelihood of small-scale farmers through the introduction of post harvest technologies, identification of markets and establishment of links as entry points for improving market access. The project purpose was to sustainably reduce post harvest losses, diversify value added products and increase household …

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Rapid Multiplication and Dissemination of Sweetpotato Varieties with High Yield and ß-Carotene Content

The project aimed at reducing food insecurity, poverty and malnutrition among small-scale farmers in eight districts of central Uganda. This was to be achieved through increased multiplication, distribution, production and consumption of sweetpotato varieties that are not only high yielding and virus resistant but also rich in ß-carotene (a precursor …

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Improved Food Crop Marketing through Appropriate Transport for Poor Farmers in Uganda

In order to achieve the project purpose “Strategies developed and promoted, which improve food security of poor households through increased availability and improved quality of food and better access to markets” the following outputs have been produced: • Capacity for Transport Forum Group offices to manage and backstop rural transport …

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Maximising incomes from sweet potato production as a contribution to rural livelihoods

    This publication contains final project report on crop postharvest procedures in Tanzania. Crop perishability and problems with in-ground storage, fronts crops as seasonal and with consequent peaks and troughs in prices. Therefore appropriate form of on-farm fresh-root storage can enable farmers to market their produce at times outside …

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The extension of storage life and improvement of quality in fresh sweetpotato through selection of appropriate cultivars and handling conditions

This technical report summarizes a project aimed to improve sweetpotato storage techniques or strategies for fresh and processed products in Tanzania. As improving handling techniques and /or using cultivars with better keeping qualities could extend shelf life. A brief of this project background is that; root and tuber crops contribute …

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