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Preparation of cultivation media – OP74

The use of an specific culture medium depends on the in vitro culture objective. In general, the media must contain a carbon source, minerals nutriments, vitamins, gelling agent (for semisolid media), growth regulators substances and other components as antioxidant substances for example. The preparation of culture medium is a critical …

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Morphologic identification of duplicates in collections of Ipomoea batatas

The identification of duplicates in sweetpotato collections depends on the degree of accuracy with which the data was obtained during the morphological characterization in the field; on the correct transfer of the data to a file for computer processing, and on a good validation of the data once the accessions …

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Descriptors for the Characterization and Evaluation of Sweetpotato Genetic Resources

In August 1980, the International Board for Plant Genetic Resources (IBPGR) convened an ad hoc working group to discuss the Genetic Resources of Sweetpotato in Charleston, South Carolina, USA. One of the outcomes of that workshop was the development of a list of descriptors to be used for the characterization …

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Introduction of sweetpotato to in vitro culture – OP58

The establishment of tuber crops into in vitro culture requires the isolation of vegetative structures (explants) containing buds. Explants should be inoculated in vessels containing a nutritive substrate (culture medium) where buds will grow to became whole plantlets. For the case of sweetpotato, the preferred explant for in vitro culture …

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