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Advocacy Strategy for Scaling Up Biofortified Crops for Nutrition Security in Tanzania 2016-2018

As part of BNFB’s implementation, a situation analysis was conducted to establish the baseline status of the key thematic components of the project. It also identified (1) the key actors, (2) the needs of the communities, (3) the bottlenecks to be addressed in order to unlock the value chains of …

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BNFB Nigeria Advocacy Strategy

This strategy aims to influence the adoption of food-based approaches to address micronutrient deficiency in Nigeria through advocating for increased investments in biofortification and enhancement of institutional and community capacities to produce and consume biofortified crops. It focuses on six broad aims:  Increase awareness on the existence and nutritional …

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Situational Analysis Report for Biofortification and Biofortified Crops in Tanzania

In Tanzania, BNFB is focusing on three crops: orange-fleshed sweetpotato (OFSP), pro-vitamin A (PVA) maize and high iron and zinc beans. To better understand the gaps, define the priorities and develop the necessary interventions to address the issues affecting the scaling up of biofortification in Tanzania, the project conducted a …

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Baseline report on biofortification and thematic areas of Building Nutritious Food Baskets Project in Nigeria

This study gives a clear picture of the situation in Nigeria with respect to BNFB objectives and indicators, and also contributes to improving the understanding on the gaps and the actions vital for the scaling up of biofortification in Nigeria. These outcomes will be useful in designing strategic interventions for …

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BNFB Advocacy strategy for scaling up biofortified crops for nutrition security in Tanzania, 2016–2020

Although biofortification is yet to be fully scaled up in any country (Bouis, Low, McEwan & Tanumihardjo, 2013), Tanzania has made some initial progress. It was among the five countries that implemented the Reaching Agents of Change (RAC) project from 2011 to 2015. That project focused on advocacy for increased …

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Report on bio-fortification and thematic areas of Building Nutritious Food Baskets Project, Nigeria

This situation analysis employed multiple approaches. Data collection was in two phases. The first stage involved a desk review and content analysis of several documents in which preliminary answers to the specific objectives of the situation analysis were identified. The output from that was a report with preliminary conclusions to …

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Building Nutritious Food Basket: A Situational Analysis of Regional Investments, Policies, Legislation and Advocacy Efforts on Food-based Approaches to Combating Micronutrient Deficiency in Sub-Saharan Africa: Focus on Biofortification

This situation analysis report provides a snapshot of the regional and subregional policies and frameworks that support biofortification and the organizations implementing various nutritionsensitive initiatives. The report identifies some ongoing initiatives that are relevant to the BNFB mandate and that can be aligned to its activities to facilitate its starting …

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Building Nutritious Food Basket: Regional Advocacy Strategy, 2017 and beyond

BNFB’s regional advocacy strategy aims to use available evidence to influence Africa-wide, regional and subregional decision-makers, planners and donors to adopt and invest in biofortified crops as part of a comprehensive package of strategies to address the main micronutrient deficiencies in the continent. A regional advocacy strategy needs to capitalize …

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