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Vines to Roots: Sweetpotato Breeding for Impact

From June 1-3 1994, an international workshop was held in Lima, Peru, to actively seek out views of experts from academia, research institutions and the private sector with regard to CIP’s breeding work. Based on their presentations, questions and answers, as well as round-table discussions, the workshop participants prepared two …

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Evaluation of newly introduced sweetpotato germplasm under Egyptian conditions

Fourteen cultivars/clones of sweetpotato were delivered to AGERI from International Potato Center (CIP) Nairobi in 2002 as cuttings. They were propagated in vitro for massive micro-propagation. Different media compositions and incubation conditions were examined to determine the optimal conditions for each cultivar. In vitro plants were acclimatized under an insect–proof greenhouse …

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Major Insects and Nematode Pests of Sweetpotato and Recommendations for Transfer of Pest Free Germplasm

Sweetpotato, a native of tropical America, is widely cultivated in the tropical and warm temperate climates. Although in these habitats a large number of nematode and insect pests are known to be associated with this crop, a few are of major importance to its cultivation. Similarly, some of these pests …

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Introductory guide for impact evaluation in intergrated pest management (IPM) programs

In recent years there has been growing interest in evaluating the profitability of investment in projects or programs related to research and agricultural development. Donors, administrators, researchers, those involved in development programs, governments and farmers need to measure the impact of different projects, programs or institutions. There is a wide …

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Farmers' indigenous knowledge of sweetpotato production and utilization in the Cordillera Region

In the Cordillera region of the Philippines, located 250 kilometers north of Manila, sweetpotato is an important crop especially in areas where development is slow. This study is a documentation of farmers’ indigenous knowledge of sweetpotato production and utilization. A detailed description of the sweetpotato subsystem was obtained through Rapid …

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Use of the environmental impact quotient to estimate impacts of pesticide usage in three Peruvian potato production areas


In Peru, potato farmers rely on fungicides to control late blight, the most important disease, and insecticides to control a variety of pests. The study aims to estimate the environmental and human health risk associated with pesticide use through the use of the environmental impact quotient (EIQ) to represent the …

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