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Food Security Through Asian Root and Tuber Crops (FoodSTART)

The overall goal of the program is improved food security for rural communities in the Asia Pacific region from sustainable root and tuber crops (RTCs) production and utilization. It aims to promote the role of RTCs in the farming system of the Asia Pacific region in building a more diverse …

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Dissemination of New Agricultural Technology in Africa (DONATA)

The DONATA project was successfully implemented in 5 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa (Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Uganda) to improve livelihoods and increase economic growth for resource poor farmers. DONATA worked through multi-stakeholder platforms including National Agriculture Research Institutes (NARIs), non-governmental organizations, community based organizations, farmer organizations, private sector, public …

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How virus-resistant sweetpotato avoid suppression of RNA silencing


RNA silencing (RS) is a fundamental plant defence involving small interfering RNA; RS-based resistance is achieved only when viral suppression is avoided. Sweet potato feathery mottle virus (SPFMV), the commonest virus of sweetpotato, induces only transient mild symptoms and associated reversion to healthy, hallmarks of RS defence, provides an alternative …

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Mitigating Disaster in Mozamique

Mozambique has suffered from two straight years of disaster. In 2009/2010, a severe drought in Southern & Central Mozambique resulted in the loss of 32% of the planted area in those regions. An estimated 92,000 households (460,000 individuals) were affected in 54 districts.  Then, in 2010/2011, the provinces of Maputo, …

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Promoting OFSP through interactive radio programming

To help HarvestPlus reach farming households with appropriate and consistent messaging, FRI led the development of an entertaining and educative radio mini-drama series, in close collaboration with HarvestPlus Uganda, and supported with SMS polling (TRAC FM).  350,000 households in 13 districts were targeted for access to a radio mini-series that promotes …

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Promoting Clean Planting Materials of Sweetpotato and Banana to Smallholder Farmers in Tanzania

The project goal was Promoting the clean vines of Orange Fleshed Sweet potato to improve household nutrition, incomes, export, employment, yield and productivity of small holder’s farmers in Tanzania horticultural subsector.   The activities  include: Produce healthy clean Tissue culture Orange Fleshed Sweet Potato (OFSP) planting materials and deliver them …

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Determining the Pan-African sweet potato virome: understanding virus diversity, distribution and evolution and their impacts on sweet potato production in Africa

Sweet potato is among the most important food crops in the world and an extremely important food crop for subsistence farmers in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). It is grown throughout the African continent and currently around 34.5% of global sweet potato area is in Africa. One major limitation in sweet potato …

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Enhancing sweetpotato production through development of virus resistant varieties in Kenya

  Specific objectives To determine current sweetpotato production practises and constraints To develop genetic variation to address biotic and abiotic sweetpotato production constraints To evaluate sweetpotato cultivars for their yield performance in 3 agro-ecological zones with varying characteristics and soil conditions To determine and promote agronomic technologies for enhanced production …

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Reaching Agents of Change (RAC) Project

The Reaching Agents of Change (RAC) Project advocates for increased investment in orange-fleshed sweetpotato (OFSP) to combat vitamin A deficiency (VAD) among young children and women of reproductive age.  RAC also builds institutional capacity to design and implement gender-sensitive projects to ensure wide access and utilization of OFSP in selected …

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