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Remote Sensing as a Monitoring Tool for Smallholder’s Cropping Area Determination in Tanzania and Uganda Using Sweetpotato as a Pilot Crop

UAV-ARSIS Community of Practice workshop

The potential of satellite remote sensing in gathering accurate crop statistics data has been demonstrated, but associated costs are prohibitively expensive and the data is often affected by clouds. The project seeks to achieve the following specific objectives: Obtain a baseline of crop reflectance at different phenological stages; Develop, test …

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Keeping Disease Free Sweetpotato Planting Material Closer to Farmers (Kinga Marando)

Availability of healthy seed production can be maintained through a combination of farmer practices, internal and external quality assurance mechanisms and appropriate and cost effective external regulatory processes. We want to generate evidence about the effectiveness of the net tunnel technology in enhancing farmers’ access to quality planting material.   …

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Better Potato for a Better Life: Reducing Food Insecurity and Dependence on Cereals, in Amhara, Oromia, Tigray and SNNPR regions of Ethiopia

The capacity of federal agricultural research stations to produce disease-free planting material of potato and sweetpotato (P & SP) has been increased.  The Government of Ethiopia ratified the Quality Declared Seed (QDS) system piloted by the project.  During the first project phase (2010-14) 120,000 households have received sweetpotato vines and …

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Nutritious Sweetpotato for Niassa – Mozambique

CIP and partners are providing access to quality OFSP planting material by creating a network of decentralized multiplication sites and trained farmer multipliers to serve surrounding communities through vine distribution.  The households consume leaves and roots and sell the surplus in the open market and to bakeries.  The implementation strategy includes: …

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Establishment of Sweet Potato Vine Nurseries as well as Commercial and Smallholder Sweetpotato Farming Enterprises in Different Provinces of South Africa

The primary aim of this project is to establish economically viable commercial and small holder sweet potato enterprises at both rural and peri-urban South African communities in six provinces with the secondary aim of empowering the above-mentioned communities with skills, expertise and business opportunities. Dissemination of healthy vines of improved …

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Viable Sweetpotato Technologies in Africa – Tanzania (VISTA – Tanzania)

The VISTA Tanzania project is an integral part of CIP’s new strategy and corporate plan, particularly in support of the strategic objective called “Combating Micronutrient Deficiency with Resilient, Nutritious Orange-Fleshed Sweetpotato”, which aims at scaling up the benefits of OFSP to reach 15 million households in Africa, Asia and Haiti in the next 10 years.

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Sweetpotato Research Programme – Zambia

The project aims to contribute to food and nutrition security, and farm incomes of smallholder farmers in Zambia, through the multiplication, distribution and promotion of planting materials of improved sweet potato clones. The programmes seeks to develop and select high yielding clones that are virus tolerant and preferred by consumers …

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Agro-processing of sweetpotato – South Africa

The agro-processing facility at ARC-VOPI was established in 2012 to conduct research and develop products from Orange-fleshed (OFSP) and to train communities to produce OFSP products using industrial equipment for income generation. The agro-processing personnel comprises of four food scientists and technologists, an agricultural economist, an artisan and a one student in consumer science.

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Sweetpotato breeding, genebank and on-farm trials

Sweet potato, as excellent source of both pro-vitamin A and starch, can contribute to address two South African national priorities namely vitamin A deficiency and food security. The project aims at development, maintenance and promotion of sweetpotato varieties improved yield, good storage root quality and high β-carotene content with increased …

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