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Processing and Value Addition

In addition to boiling, steaming, roasting and drying, there are novel ways of preparing sweetpotato, especially the orange-fleshed type (OFSP), to add value to it. For example, fresh grated sweetpotato, boiled and mashed sweetpotato (puree) and sweetpotato flour can replace some of the wheat flour in commonly consumed products.


They can be incorporated into bread, doughnuts, chapati, cakes, biscuits, croissants, pies etc. In addition, sweetpotato flour can be mixed with other flours to produce composite flour that can be used to make porridge for children. Other products from OFSP include sweetpotato jam and ketchup. Sweetpotato leaves can be used to prepare relish. 


The substitution of wheat flour, either with fresh grated OFSP, boiled and mashed OFSP or OFSP flour, is gaining a foothold in the snack product market in East Africa. However, profit depends on the relative cost of sweetpotato roots or flour to wheat flour and the degree of substitution.